Small Car - Silver Valet Wash
Small Car - Silver Valet Wash


The silver valet combines everything that is included with our bronze valet option with the addition of a full interior Hoover , all the glass cleaned , all plastics cleaned and polished , all ashtrays cleaned and pockets emptied and cleaned. A fantastic option for those who want to give their vehicle some much needed attention but don’t want to spend too much.  Great value for money.

If you require any further information regarding cost/duration/bookings then please dont hesitate to call our friendly team on 07716046810. Alternatively you can use our contact form or drop us a private message via our Facebook page.

  • Car pre soaked in traffic film remover
  • Pressure wash of the whole car
  • Car washed with high quality shampoo & wax conditioner
  • Chemical wax applied
  • Car fully dried with micro fibre cloths
  • All door sills cleaned
  • Full interior hover (includes boot and mats)
  • Windscreen cleaned inside and out
  • All other glass cleaned
  • Dashboard cleaned and polished
  • All door cleaned & polished
  • Boot plastics cleaned & polished
  • All outside trims polished
  • All wheels non-acid cleaned
  • All tyres cleaned and dressed
  • Detail polish on the outside
  • Protective paper mats placed in car
  • Air reshener sprayed

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