All prices that are listed on the wash and glow website are a guide based on the category that your vehicle falls within. We reserve the right to change pricing if we feel that your vehicle is categorised wrongly. You will be notified of any changes prior to us fulfilling your desired service.


You can book with us by calling into our hand wash centre, ringing our business numbers or through social media i.e. Facebook. Wash and Glow reserves the right to cancel or restrict bookings subject to availability.


Payment for your service should be made when you return for your vehicle.


We will perform the services selected by you with professionalism and great care. We will not be held responsible for any damage to the vehicle or to any of accessories.

Prior to us beginning you must disclose to us all defects, damage, or weakness in your vehicle, known or suspected by you, which may be affected by the services we intend to carry out.