Standard Car - Wash and Wax
Standard Car - Wash and Wax


Want to maintain that flawless look then our Wash & Wax option is the perfect way to protect and restore the paint work of your vehicle. Included is a full hand wash and dry followed by the application of a high quality and protective wax to the body of the vehicle. We then expertly buffer it off to restore the original paintwork which will also help treat small scratches and chips. Your bumpers and tyres will be dressed to give it new vehicle look.

If you require any further information regarding cost/duration/bookings then please dont hesitate to call our friendly team on 07716046810. Alternatively you can use our contact form or drop us a private message via our Facebook page.

  • Pre coated with traffic film remover
  • Washed using a high pressure hose
  • Shampoo wash using high quality car conditioner
  • High quality chemical wax applied
  • Rinsed using a high pressure hose
  • Chamois dried
  • All door sills cleaned
  • A high gloss finish and protection wax is applied and buffered off
  • All bumpers are dressed and shined
  • Tyres dressed and shined